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Services and Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Consulting


The Windshire Group’s expert consultants serve clients globally by providing technical, regulatory, quality, and strategic expertise. By melding technical excellence and vast pharmaceutical industry experience with best business practices, our consultants are able to deliver exemplary results either individually or as part of cross-functional teams.

While Boston based, our consultants are located throughout North America and Eurasia, and we serve clients globally. To learn more about how Windshire can help your company get your product to market and improve operations, efficiency, and quality, please go to our consulting page.

Products and Solutions

In addition to our consulting service, The Windshire Group offers complementary products and solutions that enable our clients to be more efficient, cost effective, and compliant. Our Stabilityshiresm service, led by our Chief Stability Scientist, assists organizations with all aspects of stability data analysis, management, and reporting.

Continued Process Verification (CPV) solutions integrate quality, process, manufacturing, and other data in a secure environment for contextualization, analysis, and reporting. Windshire is a distributor, integrator, and optimizer of quality systems for CPV.

RegDocs365 and ARCC (audit ready compliant cloud) offers a variety of QMS (quality management system) solutions for CAPA, document, learning, eCTD (and other) publishing, and change control management within a secure, compliant cloud environment and with simple, per person pricing models. These solutions can meet the needs of very small companies to mid-size organizations. Our QMS solutions can be hosted in a secure ARCC environment, saving time and resources from start to finish.

Assurashire is for virtual, small and mid-size companies that could benefit from a virtual quality or continued process verification management functions and solutions. Using ARCC, Windshire can provide a virtual quality management function and provide expert process monitoring and reporting services remotely. Organizations benefit from lowered operating costs, while accessing superb, experienced talent.

Trainingshire offers custom training development, mentoring, and consulting, either on-site or remotely.

To learn more, please visit our Products and Solutions page.

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